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Your Product Mix
Based on a 10x10 ft. growing area, these gardening products are tailored to help you realize your growing potential using Canna Coco!
GrowLab 5x10 Tent.jpg
Grow Lab 5x10 Tent
Hydro Logic Small Boy Carbon Filter - Cu
Small Boy Carbon Filter
HLG 650R
Copy of Large Black Lightning Gloves.jpg
Black Lightning Gloves
Shear Protection Trimmers.jpg
Shear Perfection Trimmers
Cannazym - Cultivation Station.jpg
5 L. Cannazym
5 L. Rhizotonic
5 L. Cannaboost
5 L. Canna PK 13/14
Trellis Netting - Cultivation
Trellis Netting
White Vinyl Ducting - Cultivation Statio
6x25 Ft. Air Ducting
Rope Ratchets-Light Hangers - Cultivatio
Rope Ratchets
Hygrometer - Cultivation Station.jpg
12 In. Hurricane Fan - Cultivation Stati
12 in Hurricane Fan
Hurricane Inline Fan - Cultivation Stati
6 in Inline Fan
Purchase Your Product Mix
This product mix supports the growth of various plants, including tomatoes, micro-greens, and even medicinal hemp or cannabis. Call us at 877-493-7631 with any questions!
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