The EYE HORTILUX LED 240-R Grow Light System is the culmination of years of research and engineering. The Patent-pending spectrum was tested against seven other spectrums in a plant-growing operation.


The spectrum chosen by EYE HORTILUX® for the LED 240-R is based on independent third party licensed grower research and grow trials. The focus of this research was to identify the most productive and efficient spectrum for the vegetative stage of plant growth using specific wavelengths of light produced by LED lighting. Eight separate grow trials were conducted. Each trial exposed plants to very different spectral distributions. All grow trials were conducted in separate, isolated grow rooms. The patent-pending spectrum chosen for the EYE HORTILUX LED 240-R far outperformed all other spectrums in this experiment. The photos above show the plant growth over the 4-week period under the testing fixtures. The spectrum is optimized with specific individual nanometer peaks with certain ratios between them. This spectrum has been filed with the USPTO.